concrete ready mix

Concrete Ready Mix Types

Consistency is the main advantage of choosing concrete ready mix over on-site mixes, followed by ease of use.

Having the cement and aggregate mixed at the plant ensures that every batch of concrete has the same composition.

A poorly mixed batch could see a part of your construction beginning to fail under the impact of rain and temperature changes (also known as the freeze-thaw cycle).

Now that we’ve talked about the main types of pre-mixed concrete from the point of view of mixing let’s take a look at some ready mix concrete types from the usage point of view.

ready mix concrete types

Ready Mix Concrete Types

Ready mix concrete is a combination of cement, sand, aggregates and water mixed either in part or entirely at a central plant and delivered in batches to construction sites.

Each batch is mixed according to the contractor’s specifications and sent to sites in special trucks equipped with rotating drums. It’s an ideal solution for jobs where space does not allow the storing and mixing of components.

Based on the mixing method, there are three main types of ready mix concrete