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Easy Concrete Pumping has been on the forefront of providing commercial concrete services in London and Greater London for many years now, being involved in the various aspects of commercial construction projects, including work done on new buildings, airports, bridges, railways and marinas. There’s no such thing as a job too small or too big for us. We can provide you with the most convenient solution to your needs and deliver concrete of the highest quality wherever and whenever we are needed.

Our pumps offer the much-needed mobility and adaptability when it comes to transporting concrete in those hard to reach areas. With our boom pump, the job becomes even easier, as any kind of obstacle can just simply be avoided with no fuss.

A pump truck gives you the added benefit of not having to use wheelbarrows to transport the concrete and prevent making an unnecessary mess at the site.

For a safe and effective concrete pour, certain conditions should be met:

  • Clear access for the drum mixers and pump truck;
  • A level area for setting up the pump, preferably with no overhead obstacles. The area must also be able to support the weight;
  • A clear space for depositing the surplus of grout;
  • A convenient spot for the operator to wash the pump. After the job is finished, there will still be around 0.3 cubic meters of concrete that need to be flushed away.

Easy Concrete Pumping has an extensive fleet of new and used concrete pumps, always ready to deliver commercial concrete.

For further inquiries, contact us now at 0208 279 1980.