Concrete Pumps Hire or Rental

Concrete Pumps Hire – The Better Option

There are two ways of mixing the cement, sand, aggregates and water to make concrete: by hand or with the help of a machine. Hand mixing is usually reserved for a small project, and it takes a lot of work to get right. It’s not easy to mix the elements in such a way that concrete would not crack or crumble later.

The difference lies in the homogeneity and quality of the mix. And the best way to deliver that mix is to look around for reliable concrete pump rental in your town or region. Mixer trucks using either standard or custom mixes are thus able to provide a much better product than workers turning and mixing the elements with shovels in a corner.

The best advice for concrete pump truck rental is to look around for the best option from both money and time. Contractors must juggle a number projects at the same time, all of which need concrete delivered on time at the required quality. As a result, having a concrete pump available where and when you need it would certainly require discussing a schedule with the contractor well ahead of time.

The same advice applies to screed. You can certainly mix it by hand or use a free fall mixer, but the forced action mixing employed by a machine is a much better option, especially when it comes to screed.

You cannot afford to pour it over concrete only to see the very layer that was supposed to provide a smooth and right base for your floor crack and crumble. You’re better off looking for a conventional screed pump for hire because doing a cheap, but the shoddy job will only end up costing you more in the long run.

Concrete pumps for rent are readily available because many contractors either lack the funds or the logistic means to run their fleet of construction equipment or are too small and see no reason to trade flexibility for assets that they may or may not be able to put to good use on a regular basis.

Thus, there are always a good number of equipment rental companies around that would be more than happy to do business with you. Just take your project to them or let your site manager handle everything.

If you’re a contractor and in need of a tow behind the concrete pump, what you need to do is figure out how much use you need to get out of it. Renting machines is not exactly cheap, and if you need it for extended periods of time, you could be better off buying your own.

Fees tend to add up to quite a sum after a certain point, and there’s always a question of availability. Whether you want to buy a new machine or a used one depends on your budget and the state of machines available for sale. The same goes when deciding whether to buy a big machine or a small one.

Another aspect to keep in mind is dust pollution at the site. Mixing concrete or screed by hand will always be more polluting compared to bringing in a mixer full of ready mix concrete.

If environment protection is an issue either for you or the client, then you should not resort to a method that would see a lot of dust and sand blew around. Always remember to call more than one concrete pumping equipment rental company and compare prices and availability.

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