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It doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to build a garage, a greenhouse, a backyard patio, a garden wall or even an entire house from scratch, we, the Easy Concrete Pumping company, offer the best London domestic concrete pumping services that you can find anywhere in the county.

Our pumps and mixers are reliable and well maintained, ensuring that the quality of the concrete you receive is no lower than excellent. With just a few button pushes, the concrete can be mixed on site, with the right ratio, so you get what you’ve been promised, without having to pay any more than you have to.

After you enlist our services, the pump truck or the boom pump, depending on the situation, will arrive at the site, followed by the concrete mixer truck. Once the mixer truck is backed into the pump, the line is set, and the operator begins to pump concrete in the mentioned area. At this stage, it is crucial to handle the end of the hose with care, as the concrete is being poured at a very high pressure.

Depending on the volume of concrete the project needs, a second or third mixer truck will be required after the first one delivers its load. Once the concrete pouring is complete, the pump and pipeline will be thoroughly washed, to avoid any blockage, then placed into travel position. All that’s left is for the homeowner to sign the papers and the job is complete.

With a large and experienced fleet of modern pumps, Easy Concrete Pumping is the first choice for domestic concrete pumping.

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