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Ready Mixed Concrete

Our ready mix lorries are state of the art, high tech Euro six lorries.

Ready Mixed Concrete Company

Ready mixed concrete is manufactured with the help of the following raw materials: cement, water, additives and aggregates. The cement is the most important component of the mix, as it gives the concrete its strength.

As a major supplier of a variety of concrete solutions and provider of concrete delivery services anywhere in London and the surrounding area, Easy Concrete Pumping offers their commercial and domestic clients a broad range of ready mixed concrete in any quantity. For any building application, our London concrete is the most suitable solution, as it’s blended with the client’s exact specifications in mind.

The most broadly used types of cement available on today’s market are Pozzolana Portland type C-2, and grey Portland type I. Water is the fluid used when coming in contact with the cement, to produce a chemical reaction.

Ready-mixed concrete comes with a guarantee of consistency and quality, something you simply cannot get with on-site mixing. It’s probably the better option from the logistics point of view because you only need to bring the mixer and pump at the site, instead of having to bring the cement, aggregates and sand separately and store them at the site until they are ready to be used.

Ready Mixed Concrete Truck

On-site mixing also requires a place to mix the concrete and some people to carry it to where it’s needed. These operations tend to make a mess that’s not always easy to clean.

The best answer to the questions above is that you should use your judgement in matters of money and time, but let professionals decide whether concrete should be poured from a machine or mixed and placed by hand, when and how. After all, that’s what you pay them to do.

The aggregates are brought from aggregate banks and quarries, and makeup roughly 70% of the volume of the concrete. The additives, whether solid or liquid, are added before or during the mixing process. They have specific uses, such as improving the durability of the hardened concrete or reducing the water amount in the concrete so it can set faster.

The mixing process begins when the water is added in the mixer and starts rotating. During transport, the drum mixer has to maintain its rotation speed, so the concrete doesn’t harden prematurely.

Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Our clients can also take advantage of our concrete pumping offer, to make their job easier. Pumping concrete is extremely recommended for those hard-to-reach areas.

Should you mix your concrete on-site or should you have delivered from a mixing plant? Would it be more advantageous to hire workers to do the mixing at your location and then place by hand just the right amount of concrete? Would it be more practical just to hire a pump and have the ready mix concrete poured quickly? Would it be a good idea just to call some friends and do the work yourself to save some money? These are some of the questions facing any person seeking to undertake a construction project. And questions demand answers, while answers require accurate and complete information.

The first thing you need to do is take a look at your project. Does the size justify the costs? Are you in a hurry? How big is your budget? After all, if you only need a couple of slabs for the garden or a new floor in one room, if you’re not in any hurry and want to spend as little as possible, then it’s probably a good idea to get some friends together over a weekend and offer to make it worth their time with beer and steaks. Naturally, it’s a good idea to include at least one person who knows how to make and handle the concrete mix.

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